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    About us

    Puyang Hengmei Technology Grease Co., Ltd.(i.e.Hengmei Lubricant) is located in Puyang City, Henan Province, China, known as the "Capital of Chinese Dragon". It is a standardized restructuring enterprise of Sinopec Zhongyuan Oilfield. Before the reform, it belongs to Sinopec Zhongyuan Oilfield Chemical Group. It is a lubricant enterprise invested and built by Zhongyuan Oilfield. After the reform, it belongs to Sinopec Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau Co., Ltd. (Zhongyuan Oilfield) Industry Service Center for guidance and management. 

    For a long time, "Hengmei" lubricating grease series has been serving the internal system of the oilfield in Sinopec. It’s not only under the coordination management by Industry Service Center, but also under the guidance and supervision by Sinopec Zhongyuan Oilfield Equipment Department, Security and Environment Protection Technology Department and Material Supply Department, etc. 

    After more than 20 years of development, the company has possessed advanced production technology equipment and perfect Quality Control System, and also has its own Research & Development Center. With the concept of market-oriented, technology as the core, quality as the fundamental, till today, Company has developed over 200 kinds of lubricant oil (grease) products, which meet the requirements of Sinopec Zhongyuan Oilfield Branch and Sinopec Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd., and also are sold to Sichuan Puguang Gas Field, Daniudi exploration area of Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang Tarim Oilfield, Jiangsu Oilfield, Jidong Oilfield, Yanchang Petroleum (Group) and other major domestic oil and gas fields. Meanwhile, as the "Zhongyuan Iron Army" goes abroad, they are exported to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries. Our products not only withstood the challenges of high temperature in the deserts of Middle East and Africa, but also went through the cold test of Russia. They have gained good reputation and trust from customers. 

    With the continuous expansion of the company’s business scope and aiming to further occupy more space of survival and development, while serving the petrochemical system, Hengmei Lubricant also actively participates in international competition and serves the society with the quality standard of Sinopec. Company always adhere to the customer-centered service concept and dedicate to providing our clients with ideal lubricant solutions to achieve mutual benefit and win-win and jointly promote the development of manufacturing innovation in China.


    Hengmei Technology Grease Co., Ltd.
    Address:East of Master Station, Shengli East Road, Puyang City, Henan Province, China

    Hengmei Oil Public Number

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