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    International Cooperation


    International cooperation and exchange 

    By virtue of and taking full advantage of the "Belt and Road Initiative", Hengmei Lubricating Oil has taken an active part in the international market, and established sales and OEM cooperation with numerous international companies, thus laying a good foundation for widening its sales in overseas market. 

    In the context of joint discussion, common construction and sharing under the "Belt and Road Initiative", all enterprises are challenged by brand growth with the process of globalization. In response to such a challenge, we should actively participate in the international market, and make great efforts to "introduce" our technology, service and quality. In the course of international development of Chinese brands, it will surely usher in a more exciting new chapter. 

    We are committed to satisfying customer requirements and providing them with high-quality products and services in an around way all through. Warmly welcome you to our company for investigation and business negotiation. May all of us be mutually beneficial through win-win cooperation in the course of joint development. 

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